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What to Expect When Applying for Your Home Care License

home care license

Your dream of owning a home care agency is getting closer, and you are feeling all the emotions. However, there’s no time to feel anything but stress and worry as you begin the process of applying for your home care license.

Your home care license is required before you begin your business, and the application process looks a bit different in each state. No matter where you are applying, you are probably feeling overwhelmed as you begin to chip away at the application to-do list. Here’s what to expect and how to tackle it efficiently.

All the Feelings

Applying for a home care license is a big deal and you’ll feel plenty of big emotions as you start and complete the application process. Before you begin to feel overwhelmed or doubt your ability to operate an agency, take time to write down why you are pursuing this dream. Keep your thoughts near your office, in a drawer, or even framed on your desk. This will be your reminder that all the application paperwork and self-doubt are worth it in the end.

Start from the Top

States have unique application processes for home care agency owners. However, the paperwork you must submit is typically in a list format. Print out the list and start from the top down, working on one item at a time. Highlight the item when you have completed it before moving on to the next one. This method will show you are making measurable progress even when you feel like you are moving at a snail’s pace.

Ask Questions

Most states are quite friendly and easy to work with, offering guidance for any home care agency owner as they complete their application. If you aren’t sure what something means or if your document will work, call your local representative to ask. Keep your conversations to the point, and if possible, have a list of a few questions to tackle during the same conversation. This keeps the conversation efficient and more effective.

Find a Mentor

Perhaps the best thing you can do during the home care application process is to find a professional mentor who has been through the process before. You can find someone in a peer networking group or an acquaintance in the same state, who has successfully applied for a license in the past few years. Their advice and experience can be invaluable as you navigate through the paperwork yourself.

Take Your Time

You can feel like you have to hurry through your application paperwork so that you can get your business up and running. However, moving too quickly can negatively affect your license as well as your business’s future. Much of the paperwork you are completing for your license is the paperwork that will be the foundation of your business; don’t rush it. Take your time considering what your policy and procedure manual should look like, including your Human Resources policies and your new client assessment procedures. These are important for your success now and in the future.


When you’ve completed your license application, celebrate! Schedule a dinner out with friends to commemorate your hard work so far. Post on your business social media page about your application too. It’s okay to feel proud of yourself!

Your home care application is an important part of your entrepreneurial dream. Make it as efficient as possible while still taking the time to set up for your agency’s long-term success.


Article written by Haley Burress.

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