Websites that Rock at Marketing Your Home Care Agency

You work hard on your agency’s marketing strategy, but are you including the right components or focused on the right things? For most agency owners, their home care website falls to the bottom of the priority list. While owners are quick to set up a website upon opening, they rarely review and upgrade their site after that initial build.

The reality is that in today’s online world, your home care website is just as important as your business cards and other marketing collateral. In fact, your website might be even more important than your “in real life” marketing tactics. Here is what you need to focus on when reviewing and upgrading your website so that you can make a big impact with online browsers.

Start with Branding

Your home care website should feature consistent branding and should highlight branding you use in your other marketing materials. If you have switched logos recently or edited your color palette, ensure your home care website uses the most updated version. If your branding, colors, and font choices are not consistent throughout your digital and “in real life” collateral, you run the risk of looking unprofessional or even untrustworthy.

Keep Contact Information Easy to Find

Your entire website should be easy to navigate for even the most inexperienced browser. However, your contact information should be even more readily accessible throughout the user experience. Try a banner with a Contact Us button at the top of each page, along with your phone number highlighted across all pages at a minimum.

Use Correct Keywords

While there is a lot more that goes into your search engine ranking, using the correct keywords well throughout your home care website goes a long way. When developing content, think about keywords people in your target audience are searching for. Try phrases like “home care in Washington, D.C.” or “senior transportation”. Then, incorporate these phrases throughout the content on your website.

Make It Professional

You should work with a professional to design and upgrade your website. While you can easily find a friend who has designed a website or two before, a professional is a better investment. Your website should look unique and put together; anything less can make a browser question your agency’s legitimacy.

Keep It Simple

Finally, one of the best tips for home care website design is to keep it simple. Too much information or too many icons can make navigation more difficult. Instead, keep your contact information and services at the forefront of your site, focusing on making the user experience as friendly as possible. You can even use pop-up chat boxes as a simple and friendly way to encourage the browser to leave a message or ask a question. 

Your home care website is the gateway to your customer’s online experience with your agency – make it a good one.

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Article written by Haley Burress.



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