Tips for Overcoming Home Care Competition

home care competition

Home care agencies are an important part of a town’s senior care success. After all, not every older adult in a city can afford to be in a senior living community, and not every older adult wants to be in a senior living community anyway. Home care gives aging adults access to care that can keep them safe and comfortable in the place they love the most: their house.

However, if you are in the middle of the startup process, you can quickly begin to feel overwhelmed with home care competition in the area. It can seem like every internet search, every newspaper advertisement, and every street corner has a home care agency ready to compete for local seniors.

Fortunately, there can be room for everyone in the home care space. Unfortunately, it doesn’t always feel that way, especially for a home care startup that is trying to find its way. Here are a few tips for making your agency stand out from the crowd, from the very beginning.

Research Your Home Care Competition

You don’t know how to make your agency stand out unless you know what your home care competition is all about. The startup process is the perfect time to learn as much as you can about your local competition. Draw a circle on a map that encompasses the area 30-45 minutes away from your agency, and designated home care agencies in that circle as your competitors. Then, take time to search online for their website and reviews to see what those competitors are good at, as well as what they aren’t so great at. 

You can stand out by becoming an expert in parts of the business that your competitors are failing in. Perhaps it is customer service, client care, reducing hospitalizations, or caregiver morale. Pick a few areas to focus on and develop your agency culture and training curriculum around them.

Choose a Specialty

Beat back home care competition by making your agency the very best at a specific condition or situation. While your agency should be well-rounded and able to take on any client in the community, having a specialty can set you apart from the crowd and increase your professional referrals. Your chosen specialty can affect who you hire, supplies you have on hand, and what education your team receives.

Ideas for specialties can include:

  • Hospital discharge success
  • Post-stroke care
  • Veterans assistance
  • Second language assistance (caregivers speak fluent Spanish, Tagalog, etc. based on client population)
  • Fall prevention

Get Out There

The best way to make your agency stand out among the home care competition in your area is to make it a point to get out in the community daily during your startup process. Schedule breakfast with the Mayor of a small town nearby, drop off business cards at the local senior center and schedule a free presentation in the next month, or sip a glass of lemonade at the evening Chamber of Commerce event. You are the face of your home care agency startup, so get it out there for people to see and meet.

During your time out in the community, be genuine. Ask questions about the senior population in your area and find ways to meet any needs or challenges you hear about. Always follow up any meetings with an email and soon you will have a roster full of potential contacts and community connections.

Home care competition keeps everyone on their toes and makes everyone give the best care. Don’t let competitors intimidate you during your exciting startup. Instead, use that competition to make your agency the best it can be, from the very beginning.



Article written by Haley Burress.

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