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Time Management Tips for Home Care Owners

time management tips

Home care owners are busy. There’s a lot of tasks to juggle during a “normal” day at the office, including sifting through caregiver resumes, following up on calls from prospective clients, to visiting the skilled nursing facility discharge planner down the street. However, how many “normal” days are actually happening in your agency? Chances are, you are trying to juggle your daily tasks while putting out fires like an upset family member, a caregiver call-off, or a client fall that led to hospitalization.

Here’s the thing: your daily tasks aren’t going away, and you’ll never be able to grow your business or try something new if you don’t have the time to devote to it. So, how can you create the time in your day for a little margin? Our time management tips will get you thinking about how you can begin to run your calendar…and not let your calendar run you.

Document Your Time

First things first: you have to determine what exactly you are doing during your day. The only way to discover what you are spending your time on is to make the effort to document your time for a week. You can jot down what you are doing every thirty minutes on a piece of paper or use a notes app to keep tabs on your tasks.

Then, after a week’s worth of documentation, take a look at your logs. Are you spending more time scrolling through social media than you might have guessed? (It’s okay! It’s a common time-suck that we are all vulnerable to). Are you taking too much time each hour checking emails? Do you not spend enough time interacting with your caregiver staff?

Develop a list of what you are spending too much time on and what you aren’t spending enough time on, and create an action plan from there.

Delegate…Then Delegate Some More

Home care agency owners are notorious for not delegating enough. We know, it can be difficult to give tasks to your staff, especially if you have created and formed your agency from the ground up. However, delegation not only frees up your schedule but it also empowers your staff to be problem solvers and creative thinkers.

Start by delegating small tasks to responsible and capable team members. Tasks like responding to inquiries via social media or calling in applicants for interviews are a good place to start. Be sure you educate before you delegate so that the team member who is taking on the task knows how to do it effectively. Then, start delegating more complex tasks to emerging leaders within your organization.

Batch Work

If you don’t already batch work, now is the time to give it a try. Instead of answering emails as they come over your smartphone or computer, designate two times per day to clear out your inbox. You’ll be surprised at how much more you get done when you implement this technique. Another great example of successful batch working is to designate a day of the week that you sift through resumes or schedule interviews; no more looking at resumes daily. 

Carve Out Creative Time

If you have a desire to build your business and become the best in your area, you are going to need time to be creative and inspired. Carve out one afternoon a month where you can leave the office and sit at your favorite park or coffee shop to brainstorm your next big move. If you don’t schedule this time in, you will never make it happen and your business will grow stagnant quickly.

The clock is ticking – how are you going to make your day more productive?


Article written by Haley Burress.

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