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Streamline Your Agency’s Caregiver Certification Process

caregiver certification

Your home care agency must follow certain regulations in order to stay compliant. However, your caregiver certification process is more than just a regulatory issue; when your agency works to re-certify your caregivers annually, you ensure your clients are getting the best care possible. This is more than a Human Resources issue. It’s an opportunity to evaluate, retrain, and inspire your caregivers on a yearly basis.

It’s no secret that caregiver certification can be chaotic. It’s difficult to hunt down TB tests or vaccination records, ongoing training documentation, and other needed requirements. The process is complicated further if your caregivers work for multiple agencies and have paperwork scattered across the county. Fortunately, you can make the process a bit easier with a few of our tips.

Get Everyone on the Same Schedule

When possible, aim to make all of your caregiver documentation and re-certification requirements line up with one another. While your agency can’t necessarily make one month per year your certification month, you can typically get everyone certified using a quarterly model.

During your quarterly certification times, you can not only gather information for caregivers but you can also use the time for quarterly staff training and ongoing education, as well as skill demonstrations.

Make Employee Files Electronic

When possible, make employee files electronic by scanning documents and adding re-certification timelines in an agency online calendar. There are online platforms that have this service available, created especially for home care agencies. If you have the money to invest in this opportunity, do it! It makes hunting down TB test results and ongoing training documentation that much easier.

Create Reminders

Perhaps the easiest way to streamline caregiver certification is to use electronic calendar reminders to make sure you never miss a deadline. When a new employee begins work at your agency, make adding their re-certification a recurring annual reminder at the beginning of the month prior to their month of hire. This way, the first of each month will remind you (or your HR designee) which caregivers need to complete or turn-in their annual certification paperwork or tasks.

Add an additional reminder on the 15th of each month as well to remind yourself (or your designee) to follow up with the caregivers on the list that month.

Tie Certification to Evaluation

Annual evaluations are important already, but you can make them even more important by tying the caregiver’s certification to their performance eval. Change your evaluation form to include a box to check in order to indicate if the caregiver has completed their annual certification tasks, paperwork, and skills demonstration.

How do you streamline your annual certification? Remember, automate the process as much as possible so that you are never scrambling for documentation or paperwork.

Article written by Haley Burress.

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