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Motivate Your Home Care Staff

home care staff

Caregiver retention seems like an uphill battle for most home care agency owners. While you are bound to lose some caregivers and other team members from year to year, you can actively decrease turnover at your agency by increasing team morale, feelings of teamwork, and by using motivation techniques that inspire your staff members. Sure, every team member is unique and motivated by different things. But, you can create a generally better work environment for everyone by implementing these motivational tactics with your home care staff.

Try a few techniques here and see how it affects your roster.

Review Your Compensation

Not everyone is motivated by money and benefits, but you must offer a liveable and fair wage for your home care staff members to feel compelled to stay at your agency. If you don’t already meet the local average pay for your area, it’s time to make that your first priority. Then, you can take time to evaluate your benefits package, looking at more than just your healthcare insurance benefits (though these are important). Determine if you can include benefits to your team that will improve their mental health, physical health, and their work-life balance.

For example, can you work with a local gym to offer a discounted membership price for your employees or have a monthly yoga class offered to your team? Can you offer a few more paid time off days or give quarterly “mental health” days to your team? Get creative!

Empower Your Team

Your team members all have unique talents and are each exceptionally good at a certain part of their job. Uncover those talents and create ways for team members to share them with others. For example, empower a caregiver who is excellent at documentation to lead a workshop for other staff members about how they get it done. Or, empower another staff member to talk to the team about how to effectively communicate with family members who are sometimes difficult. The presenting team member will feel honored and acknowledged while the learning team members will find a new best practice to incorporate into their workday.

Create Relationships

Home care team members want to feel connected with those they work with. However, without a central nursing station to meet every day or even a staff lounge to share, most home care team members end up feeling like they are alone. Research shows us that staff members are more likely to stay at a job if they feel like they have a friend at work, so find a way to create those meaningful relationships between your team members.

Try to increase your socialization opportunities by hosting coffee or treat dates for a few caregivers each month. Assign caregivers and other staff members to a team, and have those team members check on one another, sit near each other during staff events, and create memories together. There are plenty of ways to connect your caregivers and other staff members; get creative and find a way to make it work for your agency. It will be worth it in the end as your retention rates increase.

Ask Your Staff

Finally, most home care agency owners don’t take the time to communicate with staff members and ask them what they want or need in order to be effective and happy in their jobs. Whether you send out an annual employee satisfaction survey, work with a consultant to host small breakout group discussions, or simply call a few employees personally each month, you must find a way to ask your team what they need. Then, follow up appropriately. You may find that a few ideas from your staff lead to serious positive changes in your policies.

You work hard to get new team members at your agency, but your work doesn’t stop there. You must find ways to keep them motivated to do their best work and to stay with your agency long-term.

Article written by Haley Burress.

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