Matching Home Care Clients with Caregivers

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When you get new home care clients, how long do you spend matching them with a caregiver before adding them to your agency’s schedule? Savvy home care agency owners know the real importance of finding a perfect match between client and caregiver, but this topic isn’t necessarily talked a lot about during peer networking meetings or ongoing education. Here is why you need to be focused on finding that perfect match and how to make it work in your agency.

Why Take the Time?

Matching up home care clients with caregivers takes more time than just plugging a new client into your agency’s master schedule. However, it is always worth the extra time. When you carefully connect clients and caregivers, benefits can include:

  • Increased client and family satisfaction
  • Decreased caregiver turnover
  • Increased community reputation
  • Increased revenue
  • Increased referrals from professional sources in the community
  • Increased positive reviews online and off
  • Better client care

Clients have to like their caregivers in order for the home care services they receive to be consistent, comfortable, and pleasant. Caregivers who have a good relationship with their clients are also happier and provide better general care. You have to find that perfect match in order to see the benefits.

Learn About Your Caregivers

Just as you complete an assessment to learn more about new clients, you should make the same effort to learn about your caregivers. While you don’t need to complete a formal assessment to discover your caregivers’ talents, hobbies, and interests, you should make it a point to learn more about them during the interview and orientation process. You can have them complete a talent and interest survey upon hire to get to know them better. Then, continue your quest to find out more about them during coffee meet-ups, training opportunities, and phone calls. 

Start with Scheduling

The perfect match between home care clients and caregivers begins with scheduling. You already know when the client needs home care services, so you can narrow down your list of caregiver matches based on who is available during those times. Remember, consistency is key when it comes to building a relationship between clients and caregivers, so strive to have the same caregivers in a client home throughout the week.

Match Based on Personality and Interests

Not every client has a friendly personality, and that’s okay. While we always expect our caregivers to be friendly to all clients, you know you have a few caregivers on your roster who are simply more patient with those “grouchy” clients. Try to match up clients with a caregiver who will complement their personality; the perfect match can lead to a great friendship.

Interests can matter too when it comes to matching clients with caregivers. Have a client who calms down when they hear spiritual songs? See if you have a caregiver who loves to sing at work. Have a client who was an avid baker? Match them with a caregiver who loves to be in the kitchen.

Matching clients and caregivers is well worth the time you invest in the process. You’ll see the benefits almost immediately.


Article written by Haley Burress.

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