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How to Streamline Direct Service Professional Training

If you are struggling to find a way to comprehensively train your Direct Service Professionals, you aren’t along. Training caregivers in the home care industry is challenging for a variety of reasons. One of the biggest obstacles to cohesive training is the fact that caregivers don’t work in one central location. Instead, your team is spread out throughout the community, providing care to seniors in their homes. 

While Direct Service Professional (DSP) training is challenging in most home care agencies, one thing is certain: it has to get done. Training is not only required by state and federal regulatory boards, but a comprehensive training program can increase caregiver retention as well as increase the quality of client care. So, how can you make training happen when DSPs are scattered across your city? Here are a few tips to streamline the process and make it successful.

Create an Unchanging Date

Monthly training for your staff should be non-negotiable. Getting together, in one room, is crucial for team building as well as to distribute information that everyone should hear. Streamline the process for everyone by choosing an unchanging date for monthly team meetings. For example, the third Tuesday of the month at 10:30 am or the first Friday at 1 pm. Make the decision on the date and then add it to everyone’s perpetual calendar.

Tease Your Topics

Even with a date on the calendar, you still need to entice busy caregivers to come to your training. Tease the training topic by sending out a message in your agency’s caregiver app or via your social media feed. If you are having a guest speaker, ask that person do record a quick video clip of what to expect in the training and forward it along to your team. Be creative and have a little fun!

Make It Productive

No one wants to attend a Direct Service Professional training that is disorganized. These caregivers are taking time to attend a meeting during the middle of their day, so make it worth their while. Besides paying them for their time, honor their time by making the training time organized and informative. Start and end on time, include time for discussion, and provide refreshments.

Use Technology

Your monthly training doesn’t just have to happen in person. Instead, you can choose to increase your training efforts by utilizing technology. Consider creating your own short modules of video training to share via your caregiver app. Have the DSP team watch the video and then answer a few questions about it to demonstrate understanding. Don’t have the time to create your own videos? Connect with an online service that provides home care centered training modules.

Document and Praise

Assure you are consistently documenting training attendance in Human Resource files. These come in handy during compliance reviews as well as when annual performance reviews for caregivers arrive. You should also praise training accomplishments and celebrate them throughout the agency. Pass out certificates, gift cards, or other fun rewards when DSPs hit 5 hours of ongoing training, 10 hours, and so on.

A solid training program is the foundation of caregiver retention. Your team wants to do their job well and they want to learn new ways to better care for those they serve. 




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