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How to Sequence Your Home Care Startup Priorities

Now that you are ready to begin your home care agency, you are probably wondering where on earth to start. After all, there are so many things to do and you have all the excitement right now to carry you through your growing to-do list. 

Unfortunately, you are on track for a fast burn-out if you don’t set your priorities and manage your energy. Here’s how to get your home care startup off on the right foot without stressing you out or burning you out.

Build a Website

Nowadays, you need a website almost more than you need a storefront. Your home care startup priority number one is to create a website that gives readers your contact information, your philosophy of care, and your services. Don’t worry – your site doesn’t have to be fancy and you don’t need a lot of pages. Keep things simple and make sure your contact information is easily accessible throughout the site.

Automate Recruitment Practices Now

Caregiver recruitment is going to be an important priority in your home care startup. It will also continue to be important for the duration of your home care agency operations. Spend time now, on the front-end, making recruitment practices automated and a part of your agency’s daily operations. You can automate recruitment by:

  • Setting up automated emails to follow up with applicants
  • Creating pop-up chat boxes on your website and social media pages
  • Designating one hour each week on your calendar as a time to review applications
  • Designating one day each week as an interview day for applicants

Begin Networking

It’s never too early to network throughout your community and the local senior resource network. Attend business after-hours through the Chamber of Commerce, begin participating in lunch and learn opportunities – anything you can do to get people to know more about you and your upcoming home care startup.

Start Giving Educational Presentations

Pick a few senior-friendly topics and develop a well-rounded and interactive 40-minute presentation that you can give at your local senior centers, park districts, libraries, or independent living communities. Having a “library” of presentations already prepared can make it seem less stressful as you begin to ramp up your educational efforts.

Hire Wisely

Your home care startup efforts will be easier to manage if you have a support team beside you. While you may not be able to hire a full office and caregiver staff prior to your grand opening, you can choose to hire experts who know how to multitask so that you can get the biggest bang for your buck. Find a nurse who is great at organizational stuff? That’s your clinical and HR manager. Find a caregiver who is a social media maven? Give her double duty as a caregiver and social media marketing consultant. Hire a team that can serve double-duty until you have the funds to ramp up staff numbers.

Home care startup is difficult at times, but it is also rewarding. You are building an agency on the foundation of your hard work and passion. We are cheering you on, and we have resources to help you make your home care agency run well. 




Hi, my name is Wendell Scott and I help Home Care Agencies who are experiencing high caregiver turnover rates, have trouble coordinating client care and feel frustrated with their team to easily increase efficiency and scale their Home Care business.

I’d like to share with you my Caregiver Recruitment Engine™ framework. In it, are the tools to help you develop a system to easily attract & hire caregivers (aka a repeatable system for recruiting quality staff), so you can organize your process, reliably recruit new caregivers and efficiently scale your home care team.




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