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How to Grow Your Direct Support Professional (DSP) Staff

Is your home care agency in a bit of a recruitment rut? Finding dedicated Direct Support Professional staff is difficult, especially if your recruitment tactics are stagnant. In order to grow your DSP team, you need to try new approaches to your recruitment game often. Similar to throwing spaghetti on the wall to see what sticks, you can try a few new approaches every month until you get in a rhythm that seems to be working for your agency.

Here are a few of our favorite unique ways to grow your Direct Support Professional team with staff who are dedicated, reliable, and passionate about senior care.

Review Your Referral Program

Excellent caregivers know excellent caregivers, and it is always surprising when home care agencies do not have a solid referral program in place. Take the time to review your staff and family member referral program now, sweetening up the deal if needed. If you don’t have a staff or family member referral program, now is the time to write one.

Whether you are updating or starting from scratch, be sure your program rewards both the current caregiver and the new caregiver for the referral. Each caregiver should be on staff for at least 30-90 days before the referral is paid out. If you don’t have extra money in the budget to pay for referrals, consider alternative rewards like an extra day off, a gas gift card, or another incentive.

Increase Your Social Media Presence

Your social media platform is for more than just another way to get your name out to potential clients or optimize search engine results. You can also use your social media platform as a way to find and attract Direct Support Professionals throughout your area.

In order to start an effective recruitment campaign on social media, you must do more than just post the job on your feed (though that is a good start). Commit to having a Caregiver Spotlight at least monthly where you highlight one of your DSP staff and their excellent work. Then, interview a caregiver at least monthly about why they love working at your agency. Edit the video by adding a filter, your agency logo and music before posting it on your social media feed. You’ll find those posts get more shares and responses than any other throughout the month.

Start Community Partnerships

One way to successfully increase your Direct Support Professional pool is to find community partnerships that will refer directly to you. Can you work with a retired professionals association or a community college to start a job referral network? Is it possible to work with a woman’s shelter to give vulnerable women a chance at fulfilling work? You can begin networking with groups throughout your community and build a relationship that works for both of you.

Have Some Fun

Direct Support Professionals have a hard job, and they are often looking for an agency or opportunity that leaves them feeling fulfilled without feeling downright exhausted. You can gain a reputation of caring for your caregivers around your community by cultivating a culture around your agency for good old fashioned fun. Throw staff appreciation picnics in local parks throughout the summer. Walk in your community parades. Sponsor Little League teams and go to one game per season in your agency gear to cheer them on.

Create a culture of appreciation and fun to make caregivers in your area curious about what it would be like to work for you. 

Find a Technical High School

Tech high schools or tech programs in high schools are booming throughout the country. Realizing that not every student wants to go to college right away (if ever), tech schools give students the chance to begin professional trade education while still in high school. Many tech programs offer caregiver classes and it could be the perfect opportunity to get brand new caregivers who are excited to get experience. Sure, this group can require more training and education on your end, but you will have the opportunity to train them just the way you want them.

Get more ideas for growing your team in our Caregiver Recruitment Engine download or learn how to effectively keep your team with our Caregiver Retention Roadmap. We are cheering you on as you try to improve your recruitment approaches.




Hi, my name is Wendell Scott and I help Home Care Agencies who are experiencing high caregiver turnover rates, have trouble coordinating client care and feel frustrated with their team to easily increase efficiency and scale their Home Care business.

I’d like to share with you my Caregiver Recruitment Engine framework. In it, are the tools to help you develop a system to easily attract & hire caregivers (aka a repeatable system for recruiting quality staff), so you can organize your process, reliably recruit new caregivers and efficiently scale your home care team.



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