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How to Gain More Professional Referrals in Your Home Care Business

When it comes to home care, reputation and professional referrals can make or break your success. If you are starting up a new home care agency, the hard work of networking and building a foundation of professional referral relationships begins now. If you are an agency that is struggling with reputation management, new clients, or caregiver recruitment, reinvesting time in your networking relationships can pay off quickly in the short and long term.

It takes time and dedication to build referral relationships that last. Here are a few of our time tested tips for putting networking at the top of your priority list.

Connect via Social Media

Networking happens online and offline. You can connect with current professional referrals and begin to cultivate new relationships by logging into social media. Start with Facebook and LinkedIn, adding in Instagram as you have the time and bandwidth. Make sure you are connected with your partner organizations, like hospital systems, skilled nursing facilities, and city senior service departments. 

Then, interact with these organizations online. Like a post about an Elvis social at a local skilled nursing facility. Comment congratulations on a post about an award for senior services. Schedule in 15 minutes a few times per week to interact like this on social media. It doesn’t take a lot of time to see results.

Connect via Events

You should already be a member of your city’s Chamber of Commerce. However, you should definitely be attending more events than just one Chamber after-work mixer per month. Instead, attend events where you will see people you can build a meaningful work relationship with. RSVP to the dinner event at a skilled nursing community you haven’t been able to connect with yet or sponsor a table at the next golf outing for your city’s senior division. 

Review Your Website

There’s nothing quite worse than connecting with a potential new referral, passing off your business card, and then realizing your current agency website doesn’t look its best. Your website should not only look great, but it should also give good information about your agency’s mission. Make sure reviews are easily accessible and that there is a chatbox plugin to promote quick engagement.

Offer Relevant Information

Stopping by local organizations with a monthly goodie bag is excellent marketing. However, you can make more meaningful connections and leverage your agency as the leader in the industry by adding in branded information about aging topics. Create a discharge checklist that describes where home care can fill in the gaps for a senior returning home. Develop a handout with recent reviews. Showcase your industry knowledge while educating the professionals you work with inside the elder network.

Provide Excellent Care

Professional referrals are more likely to send seniors to your agency when they are confident your services are exceptional. Be sure you are training your team with best practices of senior care and that your entire agency is focused on outstanding customer service. Over time, your professional referral sources will notice your consistency and reward you with even more clients.




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