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How to Expand Your Part-time and PRN Home Care Staff Roster

part-time and PRN home care staff

Your full-time caregiver staff is important to your home care business, certainly. However, without a solid part-time and PRN home care staff roster, you can’t be as confident that you can cover that next shift or pick up that next client. Working with part-time and PRN staff gives you flexibility as you continue to meet the needs of those you serve in the community. 

Here are a few of our favorite tips for expanding your part-time and PRN home care staff roster quickly.

Create a Specific Job Description

Potential applicants may think you are only hiring for full-time hours if the only job description you have advertised is full-time. Make sure your website and social media accounts accurately depict your needs for part-time and PRN home care staff. Applicants who are looking for only a few shifts per week or month will be more inclined to apply with your agency if they see you are actively searching for part-time and PRN staff.

Highlight Part-Time and PRN Home Care Staff

When it’s time to announce your agency’s Caregiver of the Month, don’t forget to choose a part-time or PRN team member every once in awhile. When you highlight a part-time or PRN staff member online or via a newsletter, you further reinforce that you actively hire part-time and PRN staff members and that you genuinely appreciate what they bring to your clients.

Develop a Thriving Training Program

Part-time and PRN home care staff members are notoriously more difficult to train. After all, how can they get all the orientation they need when they are only working a few shifts per month? You can avoid this pitfall by creating a successful Mentor program that matches a seasoned, full-time employee with new part-time or PRN team members. This is a great way to ensure good training as well as to develop a feeling of teamwork among employees.

Recruit Everywhere

Part-time and PRN home care staff do not always have a background in senior care. Instead, they might have always had a soft spot for seniors but currently work full-time at a bank. A PRN position could give them the chance to serve others and pick up an additional paycheck while still maintaining benefits at the bank. When you are out and about on personal and professional errands, give your business cards to people you see who have a heart for serving others: the patient barista chatting with the lonely customer or the volunteer at church who always walks members to their favorite pew. These people could easily be your new part-time or PRN staff.

Keep Your Commitments

Unfortunately, sometimes home care agency owners can end up convincing part-time or PRN employees to pick up so many hours they are working just as long as a full-time employee. Reduce the risk of burnout by keeping your part-time and PRN workers at fewer than 20 hours per week.

Offer Plenty of Choices

Your part-time and PRN home care staff are looking for flexibility when they work with you. Make sure you are giving them as much choice as possible when it comes to their upcoming schedules. While it’s not realistic to allow them to dictate their perfect schedule every week, you can give them the option of picking up or declining designated shifts as much as possible.

Your part-time and PRN home care staff roster is crucial to your agency’s ability to serve clients efficiently. Without the flexibility these team members give you, your agency may not be able to ramp up services as quickly as a client needs. Make sure you make building your part-time and PRN staff roster a priority.

Looking for more recruitment tips and tricks? Download our free resource, the Caregiver Recruitment Engine. You’ll be building your team efficiently in no time.

Article written by Haley Burress.

Hi, my name is Wendell Scott and I help Home Care Agencies who are experiencing high caregiver turnover rates, have trouble coordinating client care and feel frustrated with their team to easily increase efficiency and scale their Home Care business.

I’d like to share with you my free Caregiver Recruitment Engine framework. In it, are the tools to help you develop a system to easily attract & hire caregivers (aka a repeatable system for recruiting quality staff), so you can organize your process, reliably recruit staff and efficiently scale your home care team.

The end result: 

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