How to Attract Rock Star Home Care Applicants

home care applicants

The good news? Outstanding home care applicants are out there, in your local area, ready to serve seniors and your agency. The bad news? Every other home care agency is out there looking for them too. Your key to the successful recruitment of reliable, experienced, and passionate home care applicants relies on finding ways to set your agency apart from the rest. You have to be the best agency to attract the best applicants.

Here’s how to do it.

Get Social

Home care candidates are just like you and I – they have a social media account that they check at least daily. If you aren’t finding ways to engage with potential candidates through your agency’s social media account, you are missing out on attracting potential candidates to your agency. But you need more than just an active Facebook account and a few senior-specific posts per week. You need an engaging and fun digital personality too.

Consider creating a social media account just for your recruitment efforts, either on Facebook or on Instagram. This account would be specifically for engaging with potential and current employees, as well as starting good conversations about home care employment. Be savvy and more efficient by using hashtags that home care applicants will find, then start to create an account that represents your company culture. Have some fun while still staying professional and always be sure to follow up on comments, likes, and messages.

Create Professional Resources

Attract professional caregivers, nurses, and office staff by making sure your agency has a professional appearance digitally and in real life. Begin by revising your current website and printed collateral so that everything is branded cohesively. Then, consider starting a resource library for home care caregivers and other professionals. Digitally, this library would increase your search ranking and bring more job seekers to your site. In the local community, you could use your printed resources to pass out at job fairs, your library, and even at community colleges or other job resource centers.

Building a home care professional resource library doesn’t have to be difficult. Simply try to write one piece per month; you can even delegate the task to another member of your office or caregiver team. Use topics that home care professionals are searching for, such as what to include in a caregiver resume or what types of home care jobs are available throughout the industry.

Give Educational Presentations

Find amazing home care applicants by bringing them to your agency with educational presentations. You can apply to have certain presentations accredited by local organizations to offer continuing education credits to social workers, nurses, and other healthcare workers. You can also just provide engaging and educational workshops for caregivers about topics relevant to their daily work. 

Having caregivers, nurses, and other home care staff in your agency once per quarter for an educational session is an excellent way to meet potential candidates and highlight your agency. Remember, your presentations are not a sales pitch for them to leave their current employer and work for you. Instead, your presentations are educational and relevant that will leave them feeling appreciated when they walk out the door.

Host Open Houses for Curious Caregivers

There are plenty of people out there who could be your next rockstar employee, but they don’t have the background or education in senior care and could think they aren’t qualified. Meet these people who have a heart for seniors by hosting open houses for curious caregivers. You can give a bit of information about what it’s like working in home care and cover what you are looking for, making a retired teacher who is looking for part time work in the senior care field feel more comfortable to apply with your agency.

Serve refreshments, invite a few of your current caregivers to attend to mingle or answer questions, and boost the confidence of people who might just be your next best employee. It’s well worth the effort to throw the event together!

Now, it’s time to get started with your efforts to attract those rockstar home care applicants. Which idea will you implement first?


Article written by Haley Burress.

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