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How to Acquire New Home Care Clients

new home care clients

Home care agencies were founded to provide care to clients in order for those clients to stay as healthy and independent at home as possible. While caregivers are the foundation of an agency, it is the clients that keep profit margins up and business booming. If you are struggling at times to find new home care clients, you know the feeling of anxiety and worry that comes along with those less active seasons.

Here’s the good news: most agencies have some weeks or months each year where they struggle with getting new home care clients. Here’s the bad news: too many weeks or months without new clients can quickly spell disaster for your agency. We’ve got the daily and monthly habits that will keep new home care clients calling and contacting you.

Strengthen Partnerships

New home care clients sometimes come from family members who use a quick internet search to find home care services. However, most of your new clients likely come from some type of professional referral, either from a therapist, physician, or discharge planner. Your agency’s network of professional referral sources is crucial to your overall success, but it takes discernment to know which referral sources to strengthen and which are just costing you money each month.

Work with your marketing team to devote the majority of your partnership referral work to two physicians, two discharge planners, and two therapists. Choose which two you focus on based on how many clients they have referred to your agency over the past few years, as well as which two are well respected and used among your local community. Then, work on strengthening these relationships through more than just marketing check-in visits. Instead, choose to develop special resources together, solve problems together, and cultivate a true partnership.

Upgrade Your SEO

While many new home care clients will come to you from those professional referrals you have worked so hard to grow, some will also find you from the internet. Ensure your home care agency doesn’t get lost in the Google fray by investing in SEO services that will update the copy and content on your website to ensure people will find you when searching online for home care services in your area.

Start Referral Incentive Programs

The best marketing for your home care agency comes from the clients you currently have. Word of mouth referrals are still relevant, especially in service industries that are based on trust. You can increase the chance of happy family members and clients passing along their positive experiences to their friends and neighbors by offering referral incentives through your agency. You can develop your own incentive program, but one easy idea is to give a gift card to a local business to the referral source if a new client mentions their name when they inquire for services. 

Be Visible In Your Community

Finally, some new home care clients may come to you simply because they saw your agency while they were driving by or saw your logo in a local publication. It is important that you choose to invest some of your marketing budget into a logo that is easily recognizable, as well as to be visible throughout your community. Join the local parade, sponsor meals at the local senior center, pass out business cards at the Chamber of Commerce networking event. If your agency is well-branded, your visibility will increase and people across your service area will remember you.

Getting new home care clients doesn’t mean you have to rearrange or reorganize your marketing strategy monthly. Instead, you can choose to invest your money wisely as you cultivate solid partnerships, brand your organization, and use SEO services to be more visible online.


Article written by Haley Burress.

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