How Mentor Programs Improve Caregiver Retention

caregiver retention

Caregiver retention struggles are the most common concern of home care agency owners across the country. Even home care agencies that offer high pay rates or excellent benefits packages can still end up losing caregivers throughout the year. If you are ready to commit to decreasing your caregiver turnover, we’ve got the best place to start: creating a Mentor program.

It can take months to carefully plan and execute a Mentor program in your agency, but you will see the difference in retention, training, and even client satisfaction when you take the time to do it right.

Why It Works

Caregivers can go anywhere to find better pay or better benefits. However, they are less likely to switch jobs so easily when they feel respected and like they are a part of a team. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to create a team atmosphere in home care, as caregivers are scattered throughout the city. A Mentor program can create an agency-wide feeling of teamwork while honoring the Mentors and new team members at the same time.

How to Get Started

You can start a Mentor program by first thinking about which caregivers will be your first set of Mentors. Choose caregivers who:

  • Are reliable and dependable
  • Provide exceptional care
  • Get excellent performance reviews
  • Communicate well with clients and family members
  • Get rave reviews from clients and family members
  • Abide by agency rules and cornerstones
  • Have qualities you want to duplicate

Once you have a few potential Mentors lined up, begin thinking about their responsibilities.

Possible Mentor Responsibilities

Your Mentor program can grow and change as your agency’s needs do, however there are a few responsibilities your Mentors should begin with:

  • Welcoming and training new team members they are assigned to
  • Following up with assigned team members via a phone call weekly for the first month of employment
  • Leading one staff training per year
  • Attending job fairs on behalf your agency yearly

These are simple tasks but extremely important ones. Eventually, your Mentors should pass down their best qualities and traits to all new employees throughout your agency.

Best Practices

Your Mentors should feel honored and not overwhelmed when they are chosen. Ensure you strike a good balance by:

  • Never assigning more than 2 new employees to one Mentor
  • Host a monthly Mentor breakfast or meet-up to gauge how everyone is doing
  • Send a quick email or note to each Mentor once per quarter to express your thanks
  • Add new Mentors as your team grows and stabilizes

Your new Mentor program does take some forethought in order to make it happen and keep it organized. However, once it is up and running, you will notice the positive impact it makes on your entire agency.

Article written by Haley Burress.

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