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An educated caregiver is an inspired and empowered caregiver. Most home care agency owners already know the value of a highly trained team, but finding time to squeeze in caregiver continuing education too often falls to the bottom of their to-do list. You can choose to make caregiver continuing education a priority in your agency, and doing so will help your agency thrive. Here’s why you should make it a priority and how to find continuing education that fits into your agency’s budget and schedule.

Why Caregiver Continuing Education is Crucial

When you invest the time and money into your caregivers’ continuing education, you are making an investment in your agency’s future. Caregivers in home care settings can often fall into bad habits because they aren’t around a team to keep them inspired and innovating. Continuing education courses can result in caregivers choosing best care practices with clients, which leads to more referrals and a better reputation around the area.

An emphasis on caregiver continuing education not only leads to better care, but it can also lead to increased caregiver retention. This translates to a more consistent team of faces for your office staff, clients, and family members.

Caregiver education should be a non-negotiable in your office. Here’s how to make it happen.

In-Person Training

You have a variety of options for offering continuing education to your team of caregivers. The first choice is the most personal: hosting in-person education courses at least quarterly in your office. Getting your team together will not only lead to better interoffice communication but will also lead to better staff morale. 

Host in-person training events that are organized and efficient. For example, host a four-hour skills workshop for your team, rotating through stations where they learn the best practice for the skill and then demonstrate the skill for supervisors or peers. Or, you can host one-hour education sessions as a part of your normal staff meeting. 

Invite your nursing team to present training or invite community partners to lead training based off their specialty. For example, invite a local hospital discharge planner to talk about safe home discharge practices. Your team will love learning from someone new!

Online Training

If you are searching for other options to offer staff when it comes to caregiver continuing education, turn to resources online. You can find caregiver-centered education modules on Care Academy or similar platforms, or you can create your own modules using YouTube videos. Just be sure you are having caregivers complete a quiz to assess their knowledge after working online. This assessment can also serve as their completion documentation for their HR file.

Local Training

Finally, find ways for your caregivers to receive continuing education around your local community. Keep invitations and information about upcoming lunch and learns or other training readily available so that you can invite caregivers to attend. You don’t have to send your entire team to a local function, but instead, use those opportunities as a way to personally invite caregivers who are showing leadership potential. Caregivers will love the recognition and you’ll love that your local community sees your agency’s dedication to consistent education.

You have multiple ways to get your caregivers the ongoing education they need to be the best at their jobs. Which one will you choose?



Article written by Haley Burress.

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