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home care agency feedback

One way to protect your organization’s reputation is to actively seek out home care agency feedback from families, clients, referral sources, and staff members. Unfortunately, most home care owners forget to be proactive in getting feedback and then are surprised when a poor review comes in online. Too many bad or unresolved reviews can lead to a bad reputation around town (and around the internet). 

But, bad reviews aren’t the only reason you should be asking for feedback; clients and staff members can offer insight into what is working, and what isn’t working, in your agency. This can provide you a roadmap to your quality assurance initiatives, staff training topics, and more.

Here are the top home care agency feedback questions you should be asking others.

How Was Your Overall Experience Working With Our Team?

This is a great question to ask current clients, family members, or professional referral sources. It is a general question, which means you never know what the answers will tell you. Make this phrase a part of your regular conversations, whether in person, electronically, or on the phone. Most importantly, be prepared to listen and ask clarifying follow-up questions.

How Could We Have Gotten To Know You Better?

Ideal for a new client, this question helps you gauge how your intake process is going and how it is making clients feel. You can use the answers to this question to help bolster your assessment process or to review best practices with caregivers.

What’s the Best Part of Your Job?

This question is an excellent one to ask caregivers during their annual review as well as during other conversations you have throughout the year. It offers them a chance to say something positive about their job, which can help boost morale, and it helps you to know the real reason behind why your caregivers are choosing to stay at your agency.

How Easy Was It To Get Ahold Of Us?

Home care agencies must be easy to reach. Referral sources need immediate answers to questions and family members need to know there is always someone around to provide guidance or reassurance. You can learn a lot about your communication practices by simply asking how easy it was to get ahold of your team, whether via email or phone. Use the answers to fine-tune your agency’s processes moving forward.

What Is One Thing We Can Do to Serve You Better?

We like to think we have thought of everything when it comes to serving others, but we will never know if we are actually meeting needs unless we ask. Ensure you are checking in with this question to clients, family members, referral sources, and caregivers to hear how they think your agency could serve them better. One of our favorite questions, this one is sure to make you think and get tangible items to review before putting new policies into place.

Can I Use You as a Reference for Our Agency?

This question intends to not only build your reputation, but to also see if the person is happy enough with your agency to vouch for it to others. Don’t feel alarmed if the person says no; instead, dig deeper to find out the reason why they don’t feel comfortable as a reference.

Remember, you should be actively seeking home care agency feedback from those around you. Don’t allow yourself to be caught off-guard by a poor online review or satisfaction survey. Stay ahead of the curve by informally surveying your clients, team, and referral sources throughout your week.


Article written by Haley Burress.

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