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A home care agency’s success is based on the people who work there. While the foundation of the agency relies on the caregivers who are hired to care for clients in homes throughout your community, your office staff is the engine that keeps your agency speeding along. No matter if you are seeking an office manager, receptionist, marketing director, human resources manager, scheduling supervisor, or nurse care manager, you must hire these roles just as carefully as you hire your caregivers. 

Here are a few ideas on how to find home care office staff, how to hire them, how to keep them happily serving your office.

Finding Home Care Office Staff

Your home care office staff doesn’t necessarily need a background in home care. However, having a passion for serving seniors or other vulnerable populations should be a non-negotiable when you are searching for your next office hire. Your next outstanding assistant or scheduling manager may not work in senior care right now. You may find them:

  • As the manager of your favorite coffee shop
  • Organizing bus drivers and parents in the preschool car line drop-off
  • Answering the phone at the pharmacy when you call to refill prescriptions for clients

Keep your eyes and ears open, tuned to look for certain qualities that will benefit your home care office, everywhere you go. Qualities to search for include:

  • Organization
  • Kind and patient communication
  • Detail-oriented
  • Expert networking skills
  • Online prowess

Remember, you never know if someone may be interested in joining your home care agency unless you ask them.

Hiring Home Care Office Staff

Similar to caregivers, home care office staff must go through a background check and have appropriate physicals or TB tests. You should also ensure office staff has a smooth orientation that includes more than just an office tour and someone reading the employee handbook to them. Take them on a tour of a few client homes, introducing caregivers, clients, and family members along the way. Getting their buy-in to your agency and your mission will help them to realize what they are doing is much more than just developing a schedule or creating an HR policy.

Retaining Home Care Office Staff

Most home care agency owners are laser-focused on caregiver retention, and for good reason. However, you should also remain committed to retaining your office staff as well. You can improve office staff retention by:

  • Creating a positive and fun office culture
  • Encouraging staff to leave the office to attend continuing education courses or classes
  • Having them visit clients once per month as a reminder of your mission
  • Paying fairly and having a comprehensive benefits package
  • Communicating consistently and fairly
  • Writing a hand-written thank you note a few times per year
  • Highlighting an office staff member in your agency’s social media feed
  • Encouraging staff members to plan, create, and facilitate caregiver training modules

Your office staff helps your agency run well. Make sure you are hiring the right people and keeping them engaged so that they stay to serve your agency for years to come.


Article written by Haley Burress.

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