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Growth Marketing for Home Care Startups

Now that you are ready to launch your home care agency, it’s time to get the word out about your new endeavor! Even experienced agency owners don’t always know the best marketing or networking strategies, but our experts have you covered. Our growth marketing tips will help you develop a marketing plan that will scale quickly as you grow.

What is Growth Marketing?

Before we can give you scalable marketing tips to use in your online and “in real life” marketing efforts, we need to define growth marketing. Essentially, growth marketing is layering marketing techniques that will help your agency stand out among the crowd. It consists of some trial and error involved, and a bit of experimentation as you find where your audience is and how to engage them.

Growth marketing can use a combination of social media strategies, web design, copy with SEO keywords, and more. You can incorporate drip marketing tactics via electronic newsletter campaigns and even automate some of your engagement. 

Automate Your Engagement

You and your team are already busy. Starting a home care agency takes all your time and you don’t necessarily have the time to actively work on your marketing techniques daily. Fortunately, you can automate some of the work.

Design your website to have a chat option that engages browsers right away. Their chats can go right to your desktop or smartphone so that you can reply no matter where you are. You can also automate your social media feed to follow up with a message when someone sends an employment application or has a question about your services. 

Create Engaging Content

Home care agencies often face competition from not only other home care agencies, but also from senior living facilities, adult day centers, and even hospitals. You must leverage yourself as an industry leader in order to gain traction with your audience. Creating engaging content is the best way to make this happen.

You can create engaging content full of reliable information via posts on your agency Facebook page, blogs on your website, and even eBooks available for browsers to download. Then, interact with readers by asking them to comment on the content so that you can further increase engagement.

Ask for Reviews

Online reviews of your business will go a long way when it comes to online search enging rankings and growing your reputation around town. Even though you are just starting out, you can still actively solicit online reviews from your current clients and even your staff members. 

Positive online reviews can significantly increase your staff recruitment success. Caregivers often run in tight circles and if your team talks about how great it is to work for your agency online and off, you are likely to entice a few new inquiries from their friends.

Timing is Everything

Finally, growth marketing is rooted in smart timing. Don’t overload your audience by dropping too many things at once. Instead, come at them from multiple sources (email, social media, etc.) based on their preferences and where they are in the process of looking for services or employment.

You can create drip marketing campaigns via your electronic newsletter or other platforms to follow up with potential clients and caregivers appropriately. Even better, you can automate this process to take one more thing off your full plate.

If you are ready to explore more caregiver recruitment techniques that can add to your agency’s growth marketing strategy, download our free Caregiver Recruitment Engine. You’ll find plenty of realistic approaches to building your team.



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