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EVV Compliance for Home Care and the Cures Act

As a home care agency leader, you must always be aware of federal and state laws or guidelines that regulate your industry. Sometimes, this can seem like a difficult job, especially when federal laws or state guidance comes with pages and pages of instructions or guidance. While you may not need to know the specifics

How to Improve Home Care Team Collaboration

Successful home care agency owners know that teamwork does indeed make the dream work. However, teamwork in home care can be especially challenging because building communication and camaraderie can be difficult when caregivers don’t know one another and only connect with office staff when there is an emergency to report. While the challenges are certainly

Matching Home Care Clients with Caregivers

When you get new home care clients, how long do you spend matching them with a caregiver before adding them to your agency’s schedule? Savvy home care agency owners know the real importance of finding a perfect match between client and caregiver, but this topic isn’t necessarily talked a lot about during peer networking meetings

What to Expect When Applying for Your Home Care License

Your dream of owning a home care agency is getting closer, and you are feeling all the emotions. However, there’s no time to feel anything but stress and worry as you begin the process of applying for your home care license. Your home care license is required before you begin your business, and the application

Home Care Overtime: Common Issues and Solutions

Overtime hours are necessary sometimes in order to give exceptional client care and to bridge the gap between your new hires starting on the schedule. However, if your home care overtime budget is steadily increasing each month, it’s time to reevaluate how your recruitment and scheduling strategies could be contributing to the problem.  Here are

Organizational Hacks: How to Fix Your Home Care Data Systems

When is the last time you cleaned out your electronic newsletter database? Do you know where to find the contact information of that really good caregiver who applied last month while you were at the community job fair? Are you overwhelmed and frustrated with the amount of disorganization that is running rampant in your home

Motivate Your Home Care Staff

Caregiver retention seems like an uphill battle for most home care agency owners. While you are bound to lose some caregivers and other team members from year to year, you can actively decrease turnover at your agency by increasing team morale, feelings of teamwork, and by using motivation techniques that inspire your staff members. Sure,

Streamline Your Agency’s Caregiver Certification Process

Your home care agency must follow certain regulations in order to stay compliant. However, your caregiver certification process is more than just a regulatory issue; when your agency works to re-certify your caregivers annually, you ensure your clients are getting the best care possible. This is more than a Human Resources issue. It’s an opportunity

How to Set Your Home Care Services Prices

When you are starting up a home care agency, decisions that affect finances and budget are especially overwhelming. If you don’t make the right decision, you can lose money now or in the future. Even if you make the right decision now but aren’t flexible with it later, you could lose money. It’s no wonder

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