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Home Care Owners & Operators:

Never Be Short Staffed Again

… and start hiring more caregivers by this time next week with the Caregiver Recruitment Engine™.

Your Caregivers Will Make or Break
Your Home Care Agency

If your agency is short-staffed, experiencing high turnover rates, or having trouble coordinating client care… chases are you’re burning out your best employees and you may be letting down those who rely on you the most. 

Learn this simple 5-step process, to put recruitment Caregiver Recruitment on autopilot and start hiring motivated caregivers faster than ever!

5 Core Principles to Automating Recruitment

There are 5 key principles to automate your caregiver recruitment. Check each of these boxes, sit back and watch your company can quickly grow. Click the button below to learn how to execute each step.  

Hey, I’m Wendell Scott. As a Clinical Medical Instructor, Home Care Consultant and founder of CarePro.io – I’ve seen my fair share of agencies who are experiencing staffing issues.

That’s why in 2017, I decided that I would try to help as many home care agencies as I could deal with the staffing crisis, by creating systems like the Caregiver Recruitment Engine™ and ultimately CarePro. 

Let’s just say this, when you know how to systemize your recruitment, it’s not hard to grow your Home Care agency. 😉

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