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Avoiding Conflicts of Interest During Your Home Care Startup

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During a home care startup, there are many things to consider and even more decisions to be made. Every choice, from your logo to your office location, can set your business up for success or for disaster. One surefire way to set yourself up for problems down the road is choosing situations that include potential conflicts of interest. Make conscious decisions now that will keep you clear of conflicts of interest now and in the future.

Keep Social Media Professional

While nearly everyone has a personal social media presence these days, you should aim to keep your personal pages private. While you can (and should!) have a robust and professional social media feed for your new home care startup, you should not choose to “friend” referral sources, potential clients, or staff members via your personal page. Instead, keep it professional and leave your personal page for your ‘in real life’ friends.

As you begin to ramp up your staffing efforts, reiterate this for your new team members. Discourage staff members from becoming online friends with clients or family members.

Avoid Working with Family

Business partnerships and relationships that include family members can get tricky quickly. Avoid any potential bad blood by choosing to work with non-family members only. You might even choose to avoid working with friends as well. Instead, listen to referrals from friends or family members and take them into consideration as you choose your own professionals to partner with.

Get a Good Business Attorney

You can always use the helpful advice and guidance of an attorney during a startup process. Choose to work with someone local who has experience working within the home care or senior care industry. Don’t be afraid to ask your attorney questions as you make decisions or before you enter into any contract or partnership. That is what your attorney is for! Let their expertise guide you to ensure your best interests are always at the forefront of every decision.

Be Transparent

One of the easiest ways to keep conflicts of interest at bay is to commit to being as transparent as possible during, and after, your home care startup process. For example, make your hiring practices known during the interview process. Keep your business cornerstones or mission statement at the center of all decisions. Admit when you make a mistake. You’ll find that these steps not only keep conflicts of interest away, but will also help you build your reputation as an honest home care provider.

Don’t Make Quick Decisions

Finally, home care startups are hard and you can easily feel like you are falling behind at any moment. However, you should never make a hasty decision or make a decision without taking ample time to look at the facts. Resist the urge to strike a quick deal that seems too good to be true, and instead consult your attorney or partners before committing to anything.

You are well on your way to a successful home care startup and we are cheering you on! Just be sure you are making sound decisions and staying transparent as you continue making your home care dreams a reality.

Article written by Haley Burress.

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