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All About Home Care Meetings: Are You Having Too Many or Not Enough?

home care meetings

If you are like most home care agency owners, your weekly schedule has at least one slot for a meeting. While home care meetings are absolutely crucial to keeping up with communication and partnerships, too many meetings can lead to low staff participation, frustrated employees, and less productive time together.

Wondering if you are having the right meetings at the right time? We’ve got the best practices round-up for you right here. Compare your current monthly calendar to our list and see if you can make some adjustments to better align with industry best practices.

Staff Education Meetings

Regular staff education meetings are imperative, but your attendance can drop if you are having too many, if your meetings last too long, or if staff members aren’t finding the topics relevant to their job. We recommend monthly staff education meetings that last no more than 1 hour. Choose topics that are relevant and important to your team, even empowering caregivers by asking some leaders to prepare and present to their teammates.

General Staff Meetings

Your caregivers are busy and getting to/from your agency office from their client homes can be overwhelming and perhaps too expensive to be realistic. Try to combine your general meeting communication topics with your monthly staff education meetings. Use the first ten minutes to give any announcements and then be available after the education portion to answer any questions or meet with caregivers individually.

Office Staff Meetings

Most senior care organizations have daily stand-up meetings for leaders to catch up with any concerns, issues, admissions, or discharges. You might find this model helpful in your own agency as well. Just ensure your morning meetings for office staff do not last past 15-20 minutes, as everyone is busy and wants to get started on their daily tasks. If you have office leaders who are out of the office regularly, consider having your stand-up meetings via phone call.

Client Care Plan Meetings

When possible, gather your interdisciplinary team together to review client care plans at least every 6 months as well as with any significant change. These meetings should include a nurse and the client’s primary caregiver, and shouldn’t last more than 20-30 minutes. You might also consider inviting the client and their family members to the meeting in order to improve communication.

Marketing Meetings

Meet with your marketing team at least quarterly to brainstorm and plan the next quarter’s strategy. Include time to discuss your social media content calendar, any upcoming themes, and professional referral goals. Try meeting over lunch to enjoy some creativity with your team.

While your agency might have a few more meeting types than those on this list, ensure you aren’t creating a meeting for a situation that could be solved via a quick phone call or email. Your team wants to do what they do best, and that does not include spending hours each week in meetings. They will appreciate it when you keep meetings effective and realistic for their schedules.


Article written by Haley Burress.

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