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5 Strategies to Improve Your Clients Quality of Life

The seniors your agency serves are the heart of your business. Most home care clients live at home alone or with a partner, and most are vulnerable to the physical and mental health conditions that can be exacerbated by feelings of loneliness. While having one of your caregivers in the home consistently is one way to combat feelings of loneliness, your caregivers can also use realistic strategies that will further increase the quality of life for your clients.

Be sure your caregivers have been trained on these strategies and that they have the opportunity to share what else works for them during staff meetings or training opportunities. The more tools they have on their caregiver tool belt, the more flexible they can be with providing individualized interventions for your clients.

Offer Choice

The foundation of exceptional senior care, in any setting, is empowerment through choice. Your caregivers should be offering choice to clients many times throughout the day. Choosing something simple like what to have for lunch or which cardigan to wear can be quite empowering for senior clients, just as choosing between more complex issues like medical treatments can be. 

Establish Relationships

One of the best ways to improve quality of life for your home care clients is to foster meaningful relationships between them and their caregivers. This takes time and consistency, as relationships are built on trust. Encourage your caregivers to do more than just perform care tasks for the client. Instead, encourage your team to actively build a relationship with every client served.

Encourage Independence

Many home care clients come to an agency because they need some type of assistance with tasks around the home. Perhaps they can no longer keep up with household chores or perhaps they need more assistance with activities of daily living. In any case, they do need some extra help. However, in many cases, caregivers end up doing too much for the senior which can cause a decrease in self-esteem, strength, and endurance. Encourage your caregivers to consciously help as needed while still giving the client the opportunity to do what they can for themselves.

Have Fun

Quality of life increases when the opportunities for laughter, joy, and fun sneak into the routine of daily life. Encourage your caregivers to incorporate leisure activities into their time with clients: taking a walk together, starting the day with an appropriate joke, having a cup of coffee in the afternoon together, or baking a favorite recipe every week together are excellent places to start.

Maintain Dignity

Caregivers should always keep dignity, privacy, and confidentiality at the top of their daily priority list while serving seniors living at home. When they make a point to maintain the dignity of their clients, the seniors will feel empowered, cared for, and important (which they are!). Assure your orientation program and ongoing staff training includes plenty of study on the topic of dignity and privacy.

Quality of life for clients begins with good care from your team. Learn more about how to hire the right people and get them started with any of our downloadable materials. We are here to assure your caregivers have the tools they need to provide the best care possible to your seniors.




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