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5 Must-Do Tips for Maintaining Qualified Staff

Your home care staff is the most important part of your agency. Without dedicated and friendly caregivers, your clients would not receive exceptional care and your agency’s reputation would sink. If you struggle to find and keep qualified home care staff, you aren’t alone. Most home care leaders worry if their retention and recruitment efforts are enough, and it can be difficult to develop strong practices you can maintain over time.

Fortunately, we’ve got the expert advice for finding, training, and keeping home care staff.

Review Your Benefits

Caregivers typically make the same money, give or take a dollar, at home care agencies throughout a local area. This means caregivers aren’t leaving your agency because of salary (though you should annually review your salary schedule to ensure your agency is competitive), but are leaving because of other aspects of your benefits package.

You can increase your benefits package by considering adding:

  • Gym membership
  • Daycare assistance
  • Gas or mileage reimbursement
  • Uniform reimbursement
  • Wellness benefits (like counseling services)
  • Educational reimbursement for tuition or ongoing training

Create a Culture of Teamwork

Caregivers and other home care staff will stay at an agency if they feel like they are a part of the team. Unfortunately, it takes more effort to cultivate feelings of teamwork when your caregivers are never together because they are scattered around the community in client homes. 

Develop camaraderie intentionally and you will see retention rates increase dramatically. Here’s how to do it:

  • Plan monthly staff training meetings that include time for socialization
  • Pair caregivers with another caregiver buddy they can check-in with weekly
  • Start a Facebook private group to share information and encourage one another
  • Send out handwritten notes to different caregivers weekly
  • Share praise via voicemails or apps like Voxer

Increase Educational Opportunities

You can boost retention and even recruitment efforts by encouraging ongoing education throughout your home care agency. Invite caregivers to attend monthly in-service training meetings as well as encouraging them to find local training sessions they would like to attend. Try to send at least one caregiver to local educational opportunities hosted by senior care professionals in your area. Then, have caregivers share what they have learned with one another at a quarterly educational session, held over lunch. 

Double Check Skills

Finally, caregivers want to do their job well. They also want to know the others they work with are doing their jobs well too. Consider hosting a job skills workshop every six months to review and evaluate common care tasks with caregivers. You can have them sign up for a time slot that works for them any time during the course of your skills workshop week.

Your home care staff want to feel appreciated, empowered and connected. When you make a few adjustments to your benefits package and staff meeting schedule, you will see positive results. 




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