How to Build a Repeatable System to Hire More Caregivers


How to Build a Repeatable System to Hire More Caregivers


Hi, my name is Wendell Scott and I help Home Care Agencies who are experiencing high caregiver turnover rates, have trouble coordinating client care and feel frustrated with their team to easily increase efficiency and scale their Home Care business. 

I’d like to share with you my Caregiver Recruitment Engine™ framework. In it, are the tools to help you develop a system to easily attract & hire caregivers (aka a repeatable system for recruiting quality staff), so you can organize your process, reliably recruit new caregivers and efficiently scale your home care team. 


The 80/10/10

A management concept called the 80-10-10 principle simply states that 10% of your team will be elite-performers, 80% are coachable & capable of moving up & 10% are uninterested or defiant

In other words, the top 10% are people who are qualified & reliable. They rarely call out & never show up late. Best practice is to distinguish them at meetings and promote their titles within your agency to motivate & mentor the other 80% of your team!

On the other hand the bottom 10% of your team may not fit in either of those categories. They are people who will call out last-minute, and forget to turn in paperwork.

Unfortunately, if your not currently receiving a steady stream of caregiver applications, then it is nearly impossible to grow your team. Let alone retain your top 10% or build a culture of care that can also foster growth and opportunities for the other 80% of your team.  

The real opportunity is in 90% of the people who will apply as you create a repeatable system to drive in new caregiver applications. 

Our Caregiver Recruitment Engine™ will help your team develop a practical process to continually drive in new caregiver applications to train & retain the top 90% of your staff!



5 Step Process to Hiring More Caregivers


Because each step takes time to implement, I have made a set of instructions and templates to make your life easier. Simply go to bottom of this post for a link on how to download these free frameworks and templates, so you can build a reliable and repeatable system for hiring more caregivers! On a high-level these are the steps that I go over in the download:


Automate Job Posts

The first step to creating a caregiver acquisition engine is to automate your job posts. Even if you’re fully staffed, you should never stop your recruitment processes. Instead, keep the “now hiring” digital sign on your company’s internet presence, turned on 24/7. Just because you commit to ongoing recruitment doesn’t mean you have to spend hours each day with the task, I’ll show you a proven framework so you can automate the system as much as possible.

Streamline Interviews

Managing a home care agency is hard work. Your calendar and your to-do list fill up quickly, which can mean you are scrambling or distracted for interviews with potential caregivers for your organization. Caregiver candidates can tell when you are feeling distracted or aren’t paying full attention to your time together. Bust this bad habit by replacing it with a better one: streamline your interview process.

Create a Referral Pipeline

The top caregivers at your organization often know other good caregivers or individuals (birds of a feather). However, most agencies only think of a referral bonus or incentive a few times per year. Instead, make seeking out referrals from current caregivers and family members a part of your agency’s culture. Not only will this help find great workers, but both staff are more likely to stay at your agency.

Pack The Part-Time (& Per Diem) Pool

Caregivers don’t have to work full time for your agency to make a serious difference in client well-being. In fact, part-time caregivers are often more flexible, energetic, and less likely to burn out due to a work overload. Shifting your perspective and bulking up your part-time roster of caregivers who may work another full or part time job is another way to help your full timers don’t get burnt out on the job too! The key is finding great part-time and per-diem staff who have a heart for service is being flexible on shifts and offering and offer opportunities to grow within your organization. 

Organize On-boarding

Once you have great caregivers applying and interviewing for your team, it’s time to get them started off right at your agency. Unfortunately, if your process is disorganized, then that lack of structure can reflect a poorly on the caregiver, resulting in higher probability of churn. Much like how you are scheduling weekly interviews, you have to set up a weekly or bi-weekly recurring time for new employee orientation, employee packet, background checks, etc. 


Now that you know what’s covered, go ahead and download our detailed frameworks and templates so you can easily implement them within your Home Care Agency!

Download our Caregiver Recruitment Engine™ Guide Now

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